Monday, April 25, 2011


So I finished this top back in the middle of March and was planning to post it right away.  Then I got a really icky case of poison ivy which kind of sucked the energy out of me.  While I was recovering, I got involved in a few volunteer projects and a campaign to save the arts and foreign language at my son's school, and I took my kids to visit their grandparents during Spring Break.  But, really, those are just a bunch of lame excuses.  There's no real reason, except for my own tendency to procrastinate, that kept me from sitting down at the computer for thirty minutes and letting you know that I finished this top.

I'm pretty happy with it overall.  I love the way the cap sleeves turned out!  Aren't they cute?  And it fits me well.  I got a little nervous about the sizing at the last minute, so I used a smaller seam allowance along the sides than the pattern called for.  I'm glad I did.  I might make it a couple inches longer next time and more tunic-like, but the length is really fine.  It was pretty quick to make, given that I only had small chunks of time after bedtime and during preschool to work on it.  And, for a "very easy" pattern, it has a good amount of quality detailing.  I like, for instance, that the yoke is entirely faced.  The pattern, by the way, is Vogue V8495, style A.   

I'm still waiting for the warm weather to wear this in, but I have a feeling when it comes, I'll be wearing it often.  If so, I may need to whip up another... maybe in an over-scaled abstract floral print... or a solid linen... In the meantime, I'm onto other projects and preparing for a big (four-year-old!) birthday celebration tomorrow.

And I'm still coming down from the high of an inspiring screen printing class I took Saturday.  (Thank you, Needle Shop!)  More to come on that soon... I promise.