Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Goals

New year, new lists.  I love the potential that comes with a brand new year.  And I'm really good at writing lists, although not always so good with the follow through.  I suppose it would help if I actually looked at the lists again after writing them.  I started this one yesterday and thought it might be best to record it here.  Then it's official, right?  I'll now be bound to it more so than if I just keep it to myself, and, heck, maybe I'll inspire you to write your list, too.  So in lieu of resolutions for the new year, these are my official goals for 2012.  This is not by any means exhaustive, and I'm sure I'll add to it in the coming days... and months.

Blog regularly.
Make my first quilt -- something simple, so I'll actually finish it.
Create a better, more organized, work space for myself.
Learn a brand new skill.  Not sure what this will be yet.  Maybe learning to use a serger... or perhaps a business or computer skill.
Make homemade bagels AND cream cheese.
Be accepted as a vendor at Renegade.
*Finally hang the prints and photos I've been collecting since last March for a wall 'o' art in my living room.
Try some new local restaurants (and have more "date nights" with my hubby!).
Get more projects/patterns published.
Continue to grow my business.
Make enough in profits so I can afford to buy Abode Illustrator.
Write and post a tutorial here... on this blog.
Design a chicken softie and make a bunch for the shop.

*I started this one today -- just need a few more frames from IKEA to finish it up!

I'd also love to hear your goals for the next year, if you care to share them.

Cheers and happy 2012!