Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Do I hear an echo??

Someone once told me that if you have a blog but don't post, you don't really have a blog.  Embarrassingly, it's been more than a month since I last shared anything here...  Anyone out there??  I think I can here an echo... Can you hear it, too?  Oh, wait, you're not there to hear it, are you??

Ok, I hope this isn't completely true (although I think it is a little bit!).  So before I vanish into nothingness, I'd better get on with things.

Since I was here last, I appliqued some t-shirts to match pj pants for my kiddos.

I made a gnome and monster softie for my niece and nephew.*

I worked on a really cool bear project that made me both sad and happy.  (More on that soon.)

And my family and I played in the snow, and with cousins, and friends... while I played with photo apps on my brand new iPhone.  Yes, I stepped out of the dark ages, and left my ancient flip phone behind!

Back soon.  I promise!  Oh, and Happy New Year!

*I followed a pattern for the gnome (Woodsy Gnome Doll) found in the book Stash Happy Applique, by Cynthia Shaffer.  The monster softie is my own creation, although based roughly on an ugly doll.