Friday, May 18, 2012

Random moments

Feeling like I have a lot to post about, and at the same time, very little.  Really there's just so much going on around here -- it's hard to catch my breath sometimes... or have a complete thought.  Mostly, in a good way.  Work has become less crazy for the husband and more crazy for me.  The kids are finishing up their school year -- Ellie has one more week, Henry has two.  We're all looking forward to Summer and, in the meantime, enjoying this amazing Spring weather!  Just wanting to document some of this life... right now.

The entire student body at Henry's school making a giant sun on the "playground" as part of an ongoing effort to raise money for new green space to replace their blacktop.  Pretty awesome, don't you think?!

Making mini chocolate chip cookies (one chip each!) with Henry, just because.  Ellie wanting me to french braid her hair, despite the pinching and pulling, and me trying to do it as quickly and neatly as possible.

Making beer.  The husband, not me.  I just cheer him on and drink it when it's ready!

Sewing (and screenprinting) bags and many other objects.  Me, not the husband.  Getting ready for an art fair next weekend and, two weeks later, one of my favorite craft fairs ever!  See the side bar for more info.

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