Monday, September 17, 2012

sewing summit sewing

I expect to do a lot of sewing at Sewing Summit, but I hadn't really considered that I'd need/want to be sewing for (and before) the conference.  Well, it turns out that I do.  I made this little zipper pouch for a swap at Sewing Summit.

And, lest you be fooled, this is not just any old zipper pouch.  It is, in fact, my very first, actual, sewn (and finished) quilted project!

Yes, I cut little teeny tiny strips of fabric and improvised a little bitty wonky log cabin.  Then I made my very first, actual, quilted sandwich!  I know I'm a sewing nerd, but, man, was this exciting.  And it didn't hurt... not even a little bit.  I'm not quite sure what I've been afraid of for so long.  I can see now how this quilting thing could become addicting.

Here's the finished product.  I even added one of my labels to the lining.  I sure hope the recipient likes it!!  It was so much fun to make, I'm hoping I have time to make a couple few more before Sewing Summit both to keep and to give away.

I stitched up this little sewing kit from the Zakka Style book, too.  I've been pouring over this book lately.  I only have a copy from the library right now, but there are so many great projects in here, the book will, without a doubt, be going on my Christmas wish list.

I used prints from Lotta Jansdotter's first fabric collection, Echo.  I think they go nicely with the natural linen. (Of course, I have a tendency to think every print goes well with linen.)

Next, I have plans to sew a new bag for toting all my things around the conference.  I'm thinking of making the Madeleine bag, tutorial courtesy of Rachael at Imagine Gnats.  Well, I'd better get started and go pick out my fabrics!


  1. yes, everything looks great with linen!! your pouch and zakka kit are amazing :) and of course i would love it if you made a madeleine bag!! xo

  2. What lovely projects, and I never would have guessed that was your first quilt sandwich! What gorgeous items you've made to take with you!

  3. Love what you made! I discovered "Zakka Style" a few months back and am SMITTEN! :)

  4. PS: I'm a big nerd and changed the button for the Secret Santa. You can keep yours, of course!, but here's the link to the new one if you'd care to take a peek- .

  5. I was the lucky recipient of your 1st every quilted project and I love it! I'm using it to carry around the hexagons that I'm working on and I've discovered that it's the PERFECT size. Thanks so much Amy!