Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A bag... for me!

I really should be working on my inventory for the craft shows I have coming up in November (particularly this one), but, instead, I keep making stuff for me.  Can I just tell you how rare that is?!  Invariably I tell people about what I make and then they say something like, "Oh, did you make your purse?", or "...your scarf," or "...your hat."  And I have to look down at the ground and mumble, "Um.  No.  I bought that."  Because the truth is I could have made it... but I didn't.

So, why this sudden urge to make for me?  Well, it's really quite simple:  peer pressure!  Next week I'm attending Sewing Summit, a modern sewing and blogging conference in Salt Lake City.  In addition to all the learning and sewing, I'll be hanging out with extremely talented quilters and stitchers, many of whom will be carrying and wearing their own fabulous handmade creations.  And, apparently, that's the motivation I needed.  (The alternate title for this post, by the way, is "More Sewing Summit sewing.")

So, I finally stitched up this Madeleine bag from Imagine Gnats, with a Jessica Jones home decor weight cotton on the exterior, and Joel Dewberry quilting weight cotton on the interior.  I've had these two fabrics stashed together for a while now... planning to make something with them.  The fabric (with the text) for the folded pocket is, I think, a Japanese import fabric.  This was such a fun bag to make.  Plus, I made an interior zippered pocket and inserted a magnetic snap, both for the first time, and with no tears or swearing.  The only modifications I made were to enlarge the pattern for the bag by about twenty percent and to lengthen the strap.  This made it just the right size for me.

I also needed a business card holder to carry in my new bag.  I followed this tutorial from the Crafty Cupboard.

Finally, I just have to show off my new knit fabric that arrived in the mail yesterday from Girl Charlie Fabrics.  I'll be using the one on the left in my Maxi Skirt workshop at Sewing Summit.  It'll be my first time using a serger -- I hope it turns out well!  The fabrics were all so fabulous that I couldn't order just one.  I'm thinking the stripes will become a t-shirt or two, and I may use the peacock blue solid for screenprinted jersey scarves (to sell, this time -- NOT for me.)

I have to admit that all this sewing for myself does make me feel a little guilty.  But I know it will also feel good the next time someone asks me if I made my bag and I can proudly say, "Yes.  As a matter of fact, I did!"

Go do/make something for yourself today!


  1. Your bag is absolutely fantastic -- I love the gray and the yellow! And I now officially have to make a business card holder for SS...

  2. I love everything about that bag! Have fun at SS!

  3. Gorgeous bag! There is nothing better than when someone says "Oooo I love your bag" and you get to say I made it! Such a great feeling! I need to make a new one as mine is getting a bit shabby :)

  4. the bag is SO great! thanks for sharing :)

  5. Amy,

    It was so fun to meet you and paperpiece next to you at the Sewing Summit. I hope you had a great time - it feels like such a blur now. Glad to have met another Amy!