Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It only took five years.

I don't knit so often these days.  Sewing is so much faster... and more immediately gratifying.  I do love the process of knitting.  It just takes so loooong.  And, in this case, it really did.  I began this little raglan sweater for my daughter just after she was born.  When she grew beyond the size of the sweater before I had completed it, I decided it would go to my nephew instead, who is 15 months younger.

Fast forward to now.  My daughter will turn five later this month, and my nephew is three.  The sweater went to neither of them.  I finally found occasion to finish it, though, about two weeks ago.  I needed to donate something to a silent auction -- a fundraiser for my daughter's preschool -- and I remembered this project.  So I pulled it out of it's dark hiding place, added the buttons, and sewed the little pocket closed.  It took all of 15 minutes.  And it's finally finished!  At last!

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