Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty, happy eggs

I love coloring Easter eggs.  I always have.  I love the way a simple white egg is transformed into something so bright and lovely, so evocative of spring.  As a kid I remember drawing elaborate patterns with crayon on eggs, before dipping them into the dye.  And I remember my dad drawing each of our portraits (yes, on the eggs), then trying to color them just long enough in pink dye to look kind of like our pink skin.  Often, they looked instead like we had been out in the sun too long!  But we loved the effort he put into each careful drawing, my sister and I giggling over the results.

On Sunday afternoon, my son and daughter and I sat down to dye eggs.  My son is careful and meticulous like me.  My daughter loves the transformation, throwing eggs into dye baths with abandon, just to see the surprising results.  This time we used washi tape (regular masking tape would work fine, too), rubber bands, round stickers, and a white crayon to decorate our eggs.  I especially liked the unexpected results, such as the way the pink dye (only the pink!) created a speckled finish for some unknown reason, and the way the color seeped behind the stickers and some of the tape for a tie-dye effect.  My son was pretty disappointed about the latter, since he had a fully formed idea of how he wanted his polka-dot egg to look!

Now my daughter asks every day if we can dye eggs again.  I promised we'd do it again tonight, and I expect we'll find another time, too, before Easter arrives.  It's a good thing my family likes hard-boiled eggs!

P.S.:  My overall favorite is the asterisk egg!  I dyed it in pink first (to get the speckle effect), then in yellow (for a nice warm shade of orange -- my favorite color!).  But, really, I love them all.


  1. Hi I just popped over from the Sewing Summit Google Groups. I love your eggs. I want to do some with my boys this year. My friend found a cool tutorial about dyeing eggs with silk ties and it transfers the pattern onto the egg. So fun! I'm going to check out the rest of your blog and will be following you as well. I hope your having a great day!!

  2. Hi January! Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm really excited about the Sewing Summit. I didn't go last year. I've heard nothing but great reviews, though. I've seen the silk tie transfer idea, but haven't tried it. Sounds pretty cool. So many creative ideas, so little time, right?! I'm heading over to check out your blog now!

  3. Very cool! We'll probably do our eggs on Saturday so I am going to find our stickers before then. (Also came from the Sewing Summit group, I saved your blog in my rss reader.)

    1. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy coloring your eggs! Yay for Sewing Summit! I'll so looking forward to a fun and inspirational couple of days.