Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Emerson tunic

I finished up Ellie's new tunic last week and I'm happy to say, she loves it!  I followed the Emerson tunic dress tutorial, but re-drafted the pattern for about a size 6, kept it short-ish (so it's more of a top than a dress), and divided the back into two sections like the front, so I could use this awesome Essex yarn dyed linen/cotton in denim for the yoke.  The patterned fabric is something I bought at Hobby Lobby years ago.

I  didn't add the decorative buttons, bird applique, or the strip in the back that the tutorial calls for.  I didn't think it needed those extras, plus Ellie and I thought the buttons down the back might make it uncomfortable for sitting.  The sleeve/shoulder/side seam construction is a bit unusual:  you turn under and hem the sleeves and side seams first, then stitch the side seams together.  I would never have thought of constructing a garment this way, but it ends up making a pretty nice silhouette.

I really like how it turned out overall, but I'm most proud of the inside.  Every single seam is finished!  I repeat:  there are no raw edges anywhere on this garment.  I used a flat-felled seam to join the yoke to the patterned fabric, and french seams at the top of the sleeves.  The side seam construction called for in the tutorial results in a finished side seam, and the extra fabric strip at the inside of the neck line hides the raw edges there.  Can you tell I'm feeling kinda accomplished here?

Here's a happy girl (with her silly you're-taking-a-photo-of-me smile) in her finished top.  It works well for fort playing, too!  Although Ellie and I both like the shape of the shoulders/sleeves, big brother wasn't so convinced.  His comment:  "Mom, you're like that guy on Project Runway who always made the shoulders too big."  I think he was referring to Elena Slivnyak from Season 10...


  1. Lovely! And it's so satisfying to have a garment look good on the inside, even if no one will see it. I can picture you grinning as widely as your daughter!

  2. I love the different materials you chose. They go together so beautifully. :)

  3. I think you did a *beautiful* job -- great editorial choices. When I see dresses that button up the back I think of the Little House in the Prairie books where hair catching was a huge problem for Carrie.

    (I just came over from the Sew Off auditions and you have a really nice blog!)

    1. Thanks so much, Ann. It's funny that you mention Little House on the Prairie. We've been reading the series to our two kids, and Laura, Mary and Carrie (as well as Ma and Pa) have been coming up in our conversations a lot lately!
      Thanks for stopping by!