Saturday, February 9, 2013

sweet pouch finished!

It's all packaged up and ready to ship first thing Monday morning.

Here's the pouch I made for the Sweet Pouch Swap, hosted by Ros of Sew Delicious.  I can't say who my swap partner is yet (it's a secret!), but I sure hope she likes it!

For all the sewing I do, I don't really quilt much (okay, almost never).  So I thought I'd like to work on new skills and try a quilty type pouch.  I followed the boxed pouch tutorial from Terrabyte Farm.  I've been eyeing this pouch for a while now.  I followed the tutorial pretty precisely, with the exception of the quilting, which I did differently, to reinforced the grid of patchwork.

Look, Ma!  I quilted!  And the little patchwork corners even line up!  Really, folks, my mom makes beautiful quilts and even quilts them by hand -- she enjoys it -- so I think she'll be proud of me.  I did not hand quilt, but pulled out my walking foot (for maybe the third time ever) and quilted this little bugger by hand.  It is so amazing to see the way it all comes together with the quilted stitching, and I feel like I'm getting closer to making an actual, real, full sized quilt.

Here's one more pic of the pouch (to show the lining), plus a photo of the patchwork key chain I made to go along with it.  For both pouch and key chain, I used a charm square pack of Freshcut fabrics from Heather Bailey with baby pink and mint green, since my swap partner said she likes those colors.

Soon, these goodies will be flying across the Atlantic!

Also, be sure to check out the Sweet Pouch Swap Inspiration board on Pinterest for lots of great pouch ideas and tutorials.

Happy weekend.


  1. Wow! Beautiful! Lucky lady who gets that gift!

  2. Amy! I just got my pouch in the post! I love it! It's amazing! I can't believe that you don't do much quilting - it's obviously built in to you from your mum! I can't decide what to use it for as i don't want to make it dirty, but i have started using the patchwork keychain already. Thank you soooo much :) (a thank you doesn't really cut it, I am soooo sooo pleased with it all, and i don't think the choccies will last long! Oops) xxx

    1. Yay! So glad you like it!!! I really enjoyed making it, too. I forgot to mention I added the Ghirardelli chocolates because I used to live in San Francisco, where the Ghirardelli Choc. Co. originated. And the peanut butter hearts are a favorite or mine -- I bought one for myself as well, and ate it before I even got home from the store!